Monday, February 16, 2015

Featured Creature: Squirrel

NOTE: These stats have been edited to conform to the rules revisions posted on 9/8/15.
Squirrels are frivolous, alert, and seemingly perpetually happy. They delight in all manner of dances, jokes, and riddles, and are among the craftiest of animals when it comes to living among longpaws. In classic fantasy worlds, squirrels may revel in the company of fairies like brownies or pixies, joyfully taking part in their schemes and tricks. 

     AC: 6
     AT (Dam.): bite (1d3)
     Beginning HP: 2 [3]
     Habitat: Temperate (forest, plains, urban, woodland) 
     MV: 4; climbing
     SZ: Diminutive  

Species Traits :
  • Brachiation
  • Low Light Vision
  • Glide (Flying Squirrels only):  Flying squirrels can use their “wings” to glide a distance of 2 feet vertically for every 1 foot horizontally. 
  • Scent
  • Scamper: Squirrels can move at their full run speed while climbing, provided they are moving in a straight line.
  • Primitive Hands
  • -3 penalty on all Warrior lore checks involving feats of strength.
  • +2 bonus on Trickster lore checks to hide and move silently
  • +4 bonus on lore checks involving climbing or balancing; squirrels use their Trickster lore instead of their Warrior lore for climb checks.
  • Suitable Niches: Healer, Herbalist, Runner, Seer, Storyteller, Trickster 

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