Thursday, July 14, 2016

Featured Creature -- Snake (Venomous)

Venomous snakes are far more dynamic than their constrictor kin, and often greatly more feared by others, as well.  For while constrictors are a lethal threat only to animals smaller than them, venomous snakes have the potential to kill opponents much larger than themselves. This gives them a much eviler reputation among non-snakes, and some venomous varieties embrace this perception and lead lives devoted to cruelty and terror.

Nonetheless, like constrictors, they are also regarded as symbols of change and wisdom, and tend to deliberate for as much time as they can before committing to an action.

     AC: 6
     AT (Dam.): bite (1d3)
     Beginning HP: 7 [8]
     Habitat: Temperate to Tropical (any)
     MV: 4; crawling, climbing, swimming 
     SZ: Tiny
Species Traits:
All venomous snakes share the following abilities in common.
  • Diminished Profile 
  • Low-Light Vision 
  • Natural Armor: Improve AC by 1 point at 1st, 3rd, and 5th Total Levels. 
  • Niche Restriction:  Because they lack limbs, snakes cannot choose Herbalist as their niche. 
  • Spit Venom: Some venomous snakes have an additional use for their poison attack. Instead of delivering their poison through a bite, they can choose to spit their venom as a ranged attack.  On a successful hit, the target must make an Average Poison save or become blinded.  The blindness lasts for 1d5 [1d6] turns, but only if it gets cleaned out within 1d5 [1d6] minutes.  Otherwise, the blindness is permanent.
  • Steady Growth: Venomous snakes can increase in SZ once per level, but can never grow larger than Large SZ without the aid of magic or other exceptional means.  They cannot skip a level of growth and resume it later, however; once they stop at a particular SZ, it remains their natural length until death. 
  • Stealthy:  +1 bonus on Trickster lore checks to hide in shadows and move silently.  
  • Threat Display: Some of the most famous venomous snakes (cobras, rattlers) have some natural method of making themselves seem more menacing or threatening, especially towards those larger than them.  This gives these snakes a +2 bonus on all lore checks to frighten or intimidate foes. 
  • Venom Attack: Venomous snakes can make an envenomed Bite attack a number of times per day equal to 3x their Healer lore level, to a minimum of three times per day. Victims of a SZ category two larger than the snake or smaller must succeed on a Challenging Poison save or die within 1d10 turns. For creatures one SZ category larger, the save is Tough; for two categories larger, the save is Average; and at three or more categories larger, the save is Easy. 
  • Suitable Niches: Healer, Runner, Scout, Seer, Trickster, Warrior.


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