"I Can Haz Advenjur?"

Animals have fascinated tale-tellers and audiences for thousands of years. They have been major characters in both children's and adult's literature for as long as stories have been told, but they have rarely been the focus of a role-playing game. Until now.

Great & Small: The Roleplaying Game Of Animal Fantasy gives you the opportunity to spin your own animal epics in the style of classic stories like Watership Down, Tailchaser's Song, The Book Of The Dun Cow, or The Guardians Of Ga'Hoole. In a game of G&S, you can be a rabbit, a cat, an owl, or even some more exotic creature like a unicorn. Or, you can take the role of Beast Master, the game's referee, who guides and challenges the other player's characters. The whole animal kingdom is at your fingertips with just the roll of a few dice.

 Great & Small uses a classic, easy, and familiar set of rules to give you the ability to play animal characters in a variety of contexts. Whether you want to mix and match with humans, dwarfs, and elves, or leave the long-paws out of the action entirely, you can use these rules, based on the original fantasy role-playing game, to re-tell the great animal epics, or create brand new stories of your very own.

Primp your claws. Unfurl your feathers and take flight. Or dive to the deepest depths. It's all possible with Great & Small.

New Beast, Common Ancestry:

Great & Small does not emulate any particular edition of the world's original roleplaying game.  Instead, it splices the genome of that game to that of another old-school RPG about rabbits, and builds an organism on its own terms.  Most of the rules will feel familiar to anyone who has played basic editions of the classic fantasy RPG, and will be broadly compatible with such rules.  Nonetheless, G&S is its own beast, with several distinct traits that make it classifiable not as a retro-clone so much as a new clade born of common ancestry.

Its key rules features are:
  • A unified dice mechanic: 2d10 +/- modifiers vs. target number of 20+
  • "Modifiers" include Armor Class, lore check Difficulty Ratings, and saving throw Threat Levels, and are all rated from 9 (the easiest) to -9 (epic); these modifiers are added to or subtracted from your 2d10 roll, thus affecting your chances of hitting or exceeding 20.
  • Game mechanics that emphasize non-lethal combat
  • Scaling rules, so mice and elephants can adventure together, if they wish
  • Diceless character creation; no ability scores!
  • Classes-as-skills: instead of a class, characters have a species and a skill niche, which both advance as level goes up
  • Level advancement by skill checks, instead of experience points
  • Extensive use of "Zocchi dice," especially d3s, d5s, and d7s ; give them something to do other than take up space in Crown Royal bags!
You can download your copy of the Great & Small Quick Start rules today!  Just click on the page link at the top of this blog, and start your animal epic right away.

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  1. You forgot one thing about Rats-they also run for public office :) But, that's probably an insult to the animal.