Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Featured Creature: Boar

This is the first Featured Creature entry using a format compatible with the rules revisions I posted last night.  The previous Featured Creatures and other creatures on the blog will be updated to be compatible soon.

Boars are among the most aggressive mammals in the wild, remarkable especially since they are not typically predators.  They rarely back down from a fight, and have a reputation for fearlessness that borders on insane disregard for their own safety, though it is possible that many of them are over-compensating.  For this reason, boars (especially males of the species) are revered as warrior totems by many longpaw cultures... and also hunted by them, for it is believed that eating a boar imbues one with the animal's ferocity in battle.

Most wild boars live in matriarchal societies composed of related adult females and their young (of both sexes).  Adult males are typically solitary during the mating season, but rejoin a herd led by their female kin for the rest of the year.

The stats presented here can represent any type of wild boar species (including razorbacks and warthogs), but are not suitable for domesticated pigs.

      AC: 7
      Att. (Dam.): tusks (1d7+1) [2d4]
      Beginning HP: 7 [8]
      Habitat: Any, but prefer temperate forests
      MV: 6
      SZ: Small

Species Traits:
Pumbaa from The Lion King

  • Growth Spurt:  Boars reach full maturity at 3rd Total Level, becoming Medium in SZ. 
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Scent
  • Tenacity: Boars are not easily intimidated, and can fight longer than many other species.  In non-lethal conflict, they can choose the better of two Threat checks they are forced to roll.  In combat, they do not have to make a Trauma save to avoid dying until they reach -5 hp.
  • Venom Resistance:  +4 on all Poison saves to resist the effects of snake venom (and other poisonous bites).
  • +1 bonus on lore checks to push, pull, drag, break, or otherwise use their raw muscle power on heavy objects.
  • +2 bonus on lore checks to hide and move silently in forest underbrush.
  • Special Maneuvers: Charge, Gore.
  • Suitable Niches: Herbalist, Runner, Scout, Trickster, Warrior.

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