Sunday, September 6, 2015

Alpha-Test Session Report

Shots from our game table for the first-ever run of Great & Small.
Printed rules and Zocchi dice

  • Gamers will eat healthy snacks if you provide them.  Some of the gang brought popcorn and chips, of course, but I supplied a bowl of cantaloupe and some fresh carrots & celery.  All gone by session's end.
  • The probabilities seemed to be exactly where I wanted them to be, dice-roll-wise.  The Zocchi dice finally got their time to shine at my table.
  • The B/X-based rules run like a charm without the use of ability scores, as I suspected. You can design and run an OSR game using nothing but stat blocks, the race-as-class concept, and a collection of templates to add on top of them. I'll have more to say about that in a future post.
  • The adventure I wrote wasn't enough of a challenge for 1st-level characters, except for the final challenge, which was beyond their abilities.  Need to scale it better on a re-write.
My players went through the Spooky Old Warren with Evra, the snake magic-user; Holly, the rabbit scout; Meander, the gopher tortoise guardian; Brogan, the rabbit warrior; and Bramble, the rabbit seer.

No one died, not even in the yellow mold room.


  1. Where'd you get those colored zocchi dice?

  2. Where'd you get those colored zocchi dice?

    1. I got them through The Dice Shop! --

      Many cool dice to be had there. I'm contemplating some d11s.

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