Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sylvestara, Queen Of Cats, Goddess Of Familiars

Sylvestara is the goddess of small cats. She is also often portrayed as the familiar of the deity of magic, and her followers sometimes claim this status made her the first of the Eld-Beast Kings. The Cat Queen watches over all small cats who live in proximity to the races of Man, be they domesticated or feral. She also watches over familiars and animal companions of all species, and as such has picked up a handful of longpaw worshipers.

Queen Sylvestara values self-sufficiency, curiosity for its own sake, and the revelation of others' secrets. Though largely benign, she can be unspeakably cruel, and has a dark aspect who encourages followers to toy with their prey.

Priests of Sylvestara are encouraged to be nosy about other people's secrets while closely guarding their own.  They tend to be loners, but take a special interest in befriending wizards with familiars, druids or rangers with animal companions, and elves.  In small communities, they also serve as pest controllers, and sometimes have a pride of small cats who follow them wherever they go.

Holy Symbol: A housecat sitting in a pentagram.

OSR Notes
Clerics in service to Sylvestara often multi-class as magic-users or thieves, not least because doing so allows them to use easily concealed bladed weapons.  Even single-classed (usually human) clerics practice stealth and misdirection at every opportunity.

D&D 5e Stats
Sylvestara, queen of cats and goddess of familiars -- Alignment N; Suggested Domains: Knowledge, Life, Trickery; Symbol: housecat sitting in a pentagram.

Pathfinder Stats
Title: Queen Of Cats, Mistress Of Familiars
Portfolio: Small cats, familiars, animal companions, magic, secrets, stealth, deception
Alignment: Neutral
Typical Worshipers: Arcane magic users, awakened familiars or animal companions, thieves
Typical Worshiper Alignments: Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good, Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral
Domains (Subdomains): Animal (Feather, Fur), Darkness, Knowledge, Magic (Arcane), Trickery
Favored Weapon: Nekode
Favored Animal: Small cat

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