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Anaxskylos, Patron Deity of Dogs

Anaxskylos, King of the Dogs, is a minor deity whose influence is more widespread than his name.  Closely associated with deities of agriculture, community, nature, the hunt, war,  protection, and the home, he is specifically the patron of the ancient sacred bond between man and dog.  Though rarely popular with adventurers, he is widely revered by common folk, thanks to the role of his priesthood.

Anaxskylos' priests are enjoined to provide healing support to a community's animals, especially domesticated ones, and those rare few to whom he grants actual spells thus serve as a sort of magical veterinary/rescue service.  They often also oversee the health of temple hounds, noblemen's stables, and other collections of domesticated animals.

Sometimes affectionately called "Rex" even by his human worshipers, Anaxskylos has many other names, as well: Garmr, Lykegenes, Wepwawet, Xolotl, and St. Guinefort being only a few.

All priests of Anaxskylos must adopt a puppy to raise and care for throughout the creature's life, and treat this dog's life and needs as equal to their own.  This dog serves as a living connection to their deity, and they cannot regain spells if the hound is absent from their presence.

Holy Symbol: A dog's paw extended in friendship.  However, the canine companion also serves as a living holy symbol; if priest and dog are traveling together, a cleric can channel her turning ability through the dog, who growls, barks, or otherwise frightens away such foul beings.

OSR Notes
Most priests of Anaxskylos aren't members of the cleric class, and don't have any spell-casting abilities. They are normally just community herbalists and such. Those few adventuring clerics of Anaxskylos are similar to standard clerics in every respect; however, they are noted for favoring the mancatcher as their weapon of choice.

D&D 5e Stats
Anaxskylos, god of hounds -- Alignment NG; Suggested Domains: Life, Nature, Trickery: Symbol: dog's paw extended in friendship

Pathfinder Stats
Title: First Dog, Friend Of Man
Portfolio: Community, loyalty, protection, play, the hunt, domesticated animals
Alignment: Neutral Good
Typical Worshipers: Breeders, farmers, hunters, paladins, rangers
Typical Worshiper Alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good
Domains (Subdomains): Animal (Fur), Community (Cooperation, Family, Home) , Protection (Defense)
Favored Weapon: Mancatcher
Favored Animal: Dog

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