Thursday, July 14, 2016

Progress Report

The manuscript for the Great & Small "core rules" has now reached 100 pages and nearly 44,000 words (all in 12 pt Times New Roman, single spaced between lines with a space at the end of each paragraph).  Some of that is material that I will probably split off from the main document and offer as "web enchancements" or something like that when I go to offer hard copies + art versions for sale.

I'm also teaching myself how to use Scribus, since I haven't done any graphic design or page layout stuff since I was 1st level or so. I'm envisioning the book/PDF as a digest size product, similar to LotFP's stuff, or Elf Lair Games' Spellcraft & Swordplay. I plan to produce an artless PDF layout for free distribution, and hope to raise money to take care of artists and publishing fees for a paid PDF/print version of the game. That's what any crowd-funding will cover, assuming I don't win a lottery between now and then.

Once again, thanks to everyone for all the support. As you can see from today's flurry of new posts, I am hard at work on this project again.


  1. All our support and prayers are with you. You are doing an amazing job. Thanks for sharing the progress report with us. We always look forward to your articles.

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