Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Featured Creature: Mole

NOTE: These stats have been edited to conform to the rules revisions posted on 9/8/15.
The featured antagonists in the Quick Start adventure, "Secret Of The Spooky Old Warren."
Moles are masters of stealth and the unseen.  Their society, existing as it does almost entirely underground, is largely invisible to other animals.  As a result, moles are insular and often introverted when not among their own kind.  The isolation of mole society makes them subject to many xenophobic philosophies, with schisms and factional wars common among the larger mole populations.  Nonetheless, moles make good friends, and can be valuable contributors to a mixed-species group.

     AC: 6
     AT (Dam.): bite (1d3)
     Beginning HP: 1 [2]
     Habitat: Any, underground
     MV: 3 (burrowing)
     SZ: Diminutive

Species Traits:
  • Blindsense
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Mole Toxin: Mole saliva contains a paralytic toxin that is normally only effective against earthworms, their preferred prey.  But with a successful Tough Healer lore check, moles can boost the potency of this toxin for a number of rounds equal to their levels in Healer lore, to a minimum of 1 round.  Any target bitten by the mole during this time must make an Average Poison save, or become paralyzed for 1d3 rounds.  Success on the save means all of the target's actions are suffer a -2 penalty for the next 1d3 rounds.  These effects are in addition to any damage inflicted by the mole's bite.  This attack is subject to the dosage parameters of herbal concoctions and poisons described in the Herbalism rules. 
  • Scent
  • Tunnel Masters:  Moles are consummate burrowers.  Their burrowing move rate is equal to their land move rate.  The also get a +3 bonus on all lore checks to notice unusual earthenworks, such as traps, recent burrowing, unsafe tunnels, and so forth.
  • +2 bonus on all Scout lore checks to set or spot traps in an underground environment.
  • +4 bonus on all Trickster lore checks to hide or move silently in an underground  environment.
  • Suitable Niches: Healer, Herbalist, Scout, Seer, Storyteller, Trickster.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Niche: The Guardian

Here's an optional character niche.  I wound up not including it in the Quick Start rules, but might include it in the final expanded version of the game.

The Guardian
Description: Guardians are animals sworn to protect a person, community, place, or object with their lives. Whether they are loyal shepherding dogs, predators defending their claim on a hunting ground, or prey patrolling the edges of their territory on watch for attackers, guardian animals are the noblest and most dedicated of animal warriors. In many ways, they are the knights of the animal world.

Niche Ability: When you select Guardian as your niche, you gain three special abilities.

  • First, you gain a +2 bonus on all attack and damage rolls against opponents who are a clear and present danger to anyone or anything you have placed under your protection.  This bonus increases to +4 at 8th niche level.
  • You are also capable of inspiring your allies when they aid you in defending your charge.  With a successful lore check, you can grant a +1 attack & damage bonus to a number of allies equal to your Guardian level who are in your vicinity and actively defending your charge.  
  • Conversely, you can attempt to undermine the confidence of attackers or intruders who pose a threat to your charge.  Once per day, with a successful lore check, you can force a number of enemies equal to your Guardian level to make a Tough saving throw vs. paralysis or suffer a -1 penalty on all their attack and damage rolls against you, your allies, and/or your charge for a number of rounds equal to your Guardian level.  
Other Abilities:  Add your Guardian level to all lore checks involving security arrangements, assessing the strength of foes, tracking those under your protection, and influencing the Attitude of both friends and enemies. 

Saving Throw: Paralysis

Threat: Average (+6). This increases to Tough (+3) at 2nd total level, Challenging (+0) at 5th total level, and Formidable (–3) at 8th total level.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Update & Apologies

Hello to both of  my readers. ;)

I apologize for the sudden drop off in activity.  It was due to family medical issues that required me to travel and provide 24/7 care to a close family member.  They've mostly recovered now, and I am back at home, so everything's OK.

I'm hard at work updating the Herbalism rules, and hope to have them done by mid-May.  I'll also be having some smaller tidbits in the meantime, including new Featured Creatures and new Niches for different campaign styles.

Thanks to all of my readers for the continued support.  I hope to keep growing this project.