Friday, October 2, 2015

Featured Creature: Chameleon

A few weeks back, a reader inquired if I planned to stat out chameleons, geckos, and other lizards.  I thought I might create a stock "Lizard" entry with sub-headings for different species, the way I've done with apes, cats, and monkeys.  It's quite a challenge, though, because lizards are an amazingly diverse clade; aside from being squamate reptiles, there is little that all lizards have in common.  So, I've decided to go with individual species entries instead.  First up is chameleons.

Like many of their kin, chameleons are deliberative -- indeed, seemingly inactive -- taking their time to reach any decision.  But once decided on a course of action, they act swiftly.  This is especially true where acquiring food is concerned.

Though they are fully capable of terrestrial movement, chameleons prefer spending as much of their time as possible hidden among the flowers and leaves of their canopy home.  When long journeys are called for, they demand to be carried by larger, stronger, faster beings at every opportunity, and thus have a reputation for laziness.

     AC: 6
     AT: Bite (1d2)
     Beginning HP: 3 [4]
     Habitat: Tropical forest
     MV: 4
     SZ: Tiny

Species Traits:
  • Adaptive Camouflage
  • Independently Focusing Eyes: Chameleons have amazing eyesight.  Because they can focus each eye independently, they have 360 degree vision, and can only be surprised while asleep.  Further, they are immune to sneak attacks, unless both of their eyes are engaged in paying attention to the same target. In addition, chameleons get a +2 bonus on all lore checks that involve detecting things by sight.
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Prehensile Tail
  • +4 bonus on all lore checks involving climbing.
  • +2 bonus on all attack rolls against targets smaller than themselves.
  • -4 penalty on all lore checks involving feats of strength 
  • Suitable Niches: Any 

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